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Especially, ba se/frames of industrial
machines are our favorite products.

We can machine big-size works that are the biggest in the West Japan.
The frame maximum size is width, 4200mm×length, 8000mm×height,1700mm.
We can machine a work of weight, 47Ton with a precision processing.
We can machine cylindrical parts of bore, 5500mm×height, 1800mm with a precision processing.
And a weight of 20Ton work can be handled. When transporting of works, there is a sufficient space in house to turn and wait for products by a wider trailer.

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By using abundant newest equipment, various processed products of maximum of 400Ton of monthly outputs lead a high efficient production and a costcutting.

Machining center with five-faces machining equipment 7sets
Turning center 2sets
Horizontal boring milling machine 2sets
10Ton/20Ton twin crane 3sets
20Ton self cart 1set
Other processing equipment group

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Processing integrated production

Material supply, production(fabrication, machining, paint, assembly,
transportation), quality control and production control can be performed as customers’ SCM(supply chain management) consistent contract, and the products can be directly delivered to a customers’ instructed place.